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Iwo Jima Campaign - February thru March 1945


Marine Beachhead on Iwo Jima.

Initial Marine Beachhead on Iwo Jima.  Mount Suribachi - upper right background.

The above photo was taken looking Southwest toward Suribachi,

possibly from the landing beach area designated as "RED 2".

With the LST's  shown on the beachhead, this photo was taken on

either the 21st or 22nd of February 1945.

Iwo Invasion - Combat Film Footage

Invasion of iwo jima-1

An FLV Video File. Runtime: 4:53 min.

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Invasion of iwo jima-2

An FLV Video File. Runtime: 9:58 min.

Rare WW II footage - Midway Battle,

John Ford's Documentary.

An FLV Video File. Runtime: 8:50 min.

Download this versatile Media Player



Contour map of Iwo Jima, showing Japanese defense installations as observed from ground study during the period 19 February - 19 March 1945.


The original chart was prepared by Joint Intelligence Center, Pacific Ocean Area (JICPOA).


The original print came from Rear Admiral Samuel Eliot Morison's World War II history project working files.


Official U.S. Navy Photograph, from the collections of the Naval Historical Center.


Photo #: NH 104136



Click Photo

to view this map

Full Size.


Shows Japanese

 fortifications and U. S. invasion

landing areas.

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. Iwo Jima - The First Flag

"Iwo Jima - The First Flag"  -  A painting by artist Ron Stark


February 23, 1945 . . . Atop volcanic Mount Suribachi, Marines of Easy Company, 28th Regiment, 5th Marine Division, hoist the first American flag over Iwo Jima.  As Old Glory breaks the skyline, a tremendous roar of shouts and whistles will emerge from the Marines on the beaches and the sailors at sea. Later, this flag will be lowered and  a replacement raised. Although a photo of the second flag would be cherished by the home front, the first flag belonged to the heroes of Iwo Jima.

Click Here to learn about the five marines depicted in Ron Stark's painting.

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Tableau Of The 2nd Iwo Jima Flag Raising.

Learn The Identity of

the five Young Marines

and Navy Corpsman depicted in this

National Memorial.

Sculpture by:

Felix de Weldon

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