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~ Headline News Page 1 ~

Obama Justice Department Demands Non-Citizen Police Force.

Secret Service Loses Guns, Badges, Laptops, “Other Equipment”

Giving Thanks: Donald Trump’s Top Ten.

Top 5 Pro-Gun Laws President-Elect Trump Can Sign.

The Camel’s Nose.

Islam is a Political Ideology… Hides behind this Notion of it being a Religion”!

The West Still Doesn’t Get It! Islam Wants Us Dead!

Seattle Approves After-School Satanic Club. "There is nothing positive about a Satanic Club" 

Raw hatred. Primitive, primal hatred. Mob violence. That is what the Democrat Party represents.

The Anti-Trump Riots are a Smoke Screen: What’s the Real Goal? Part One of Two.

The Real Goal of the Anti-Trump Riots – Eliminate the Electoral College and the Constitution Part Two of Two.

Hillary campaign behind push to 'threaten electors'.

Stay Alert, America: The Worst Is Yet to Come.

The violent peace-loving left is revolting.


Democrats Are Now Calling For A ‘Revolution In The Streets.

Ghost Gun is Untraceable and on the Rise in Florida.


Judge Jeanine Pirro

Judge Jeanine Pirro condemns

Paul Ryan for health care failure

in fiery monologue.


~ Headline News ~


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Emancipation Proclamation for illegal aliens."

Everything's Free In America


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This Land Is Your Land  This Land

Is My Land,  From California

to the New York island;

It's Sad That America Is Vanishing.!  


Going…Going…Gone? America’s 
Disappearing History, Monuments, and 
Sacred Places.


Illegals Can Carry Guns and

Collect Unemployment

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town crier.


"Grinding America Down"

By Idaho legislator Curtis Bower.

Ask almost anyone and you’ll hear, "Communism is dead! The Berlin Wall came down." Although the word Communism isn’t used anymore, this film will show the ideas behind it are alive and well. Join Bowers for a fascinating look at the people and groups that have successfully targeted America’s morality and

freedom in their effort to grind America down.

CLICK HERE to View Bower's eye opening video.

logo. Download VLC multi-media player.

Carl Marx.

Marxism In America,

Does It Exist and Thrive Today?

View this list of U.S. House & Senate Members

that are Registered Members of the

Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

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An Introduction to Marxism

K. Marx Engels V. Lenin

The following information is being presented for your consideration as a "Think Piece".   The political and economic theories of Lenin which provided the guiding doctrine of the Soviet Union; the modification of Marxism by Lenin stressed that imperialism is the highest form of capitalism (which shifts the struggle

from developed to underdeveloped countries).

My associate editor and myself, having kept track the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the past six years, and are Absolutely Convinced that Obama's concerted, subversive efforts to circumvent the Constitution of the United States, by any unscrupulous means available, are rooted in his schooling in Indonesia and deep seated loathing for America and it's values based on his radical political background and childhood upbringing.


His agenda for becoming an absolute Dictator of America is based on the radical principles outlined by Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Piven and Obama will stop at nothing in his quest to destroy traditional America and turn it into a totalitarian state. Socialism is merely a stepping stone toward his ultimate goal of creating a Communistic State.  He's as evil as Hitler, Mussolini or Stalin.!



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