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"WARNING!  WARNING!  DANGER - Will Robinson!"


The "Waters World" Gazette!

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Issue 8 - December 2009


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Happy Holiday.


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"Oh How Sweet It Is !" 

Cakes Galore !

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WW II Battleship sailor tells Obama to shape up or ship out !


USS Arizona Memorial - Pearl Harbor.

This venerable and much honored WW II vet is well known in Hawaii for his seventy-plus years of service to patriotic organizations and causes all over the country. A humble man without a political bone in his body, he has never spoken out before about a government official, until now. 


He dictated this letter to a friend, signed it and mailed it to the president. READ His Letter Now!



Near Future Predictions!

Interesting Commentary from a Female

Air Force Veteran.



Without A COLA, 2010 Becomes A Bitter Pill To Swallow

For Those Individuals Living Solely On Social Security!

For the first time in history, the Democratic Congress Will Not Allow an increase in the

social security COLA (cost of living adjustment). In fact, The Henry J. Kaiser Family

Foundation predicts there may not be any COLA for the next three years.


However, the per person monthly Medicare insurance premium will be increased from

the 2009 premium of $96.40 to $104.20 in 2010 and to $120.20 for the year 2011.


Forward this to all seniors. Remind them not to vote for incumbent senators and congress

members in the 2010 and the 2012 elections. Remember, Congress passed a bill to get their

annual increases automatically so they wouldn't have to be burdened with voting for it

each year. Who do you think they are watching out for? The people who elected them as

their representatives? I think not!   Email This Page.


If this doesn't make you angry, you obviously don't need Social Security to live on!



~ Letter from former Procter & Gamble Exec to Obama ~

Lou Prichett.

Dear President Obama:


You are the thirteenth President under whom I have lived and unlike any of the others, You Truly Scare Me!


Please Read, even if you are an Obama fan. It is legitimate, written by respected, Lou Prichett, formerly of Proctor and Gamble. Lou Pritchett is one of corporate America 's true living legends.



"Old Butch" - A Nobell Prize Winner


John was in the fertilized egg business. He had several hundred young layers (hens), called 'pullets,' and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs.


He kept records, and any rooster not performing went

into the soup pot and was . . . Read The Entire Story

*  *  *  *  *

Grim Reaper.

Dear Mr. Grim Reaper,


So far this year you have taken away my favorite dancer and entertainer Michael Jackson, favorite actor Patrick Swayze, and favorite actress Farrah Fawcett.


Just so you know, my favorite politician is Barack Obama. Thank You !

*  *  *  *  *

Ron White.

"You Can't Fix Stupid", posibly one of Ron White's Best

comedy routines !


Perhaps that's the ongoing problem we have with the

Politicians in Washington . . .


"You Can't Fix Stupid"

*  *  *  *  *

Maxine Speaks Out!

*  *  *  *  *

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"Viewpoint !"

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"Let's Quit Comparing Obama to Hitler!"


At Least Hitler scored a

coup by hosting the

1936 Olympic Games

in Berlin !


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It appears as though Law Enforcement in states along the United States and Mexican border have taken charge and know how to handle the influx of drug gangs, illegal aliens and criminals in an effectual manner. . .  Case In Point !

*  *  *  *  * 

Require Your Legislator to Do Their Job and work to stem the

continuous influx of Illegal Aliens across our southern border!


I Strongly Recommend That You Contact Your

Congressional Representative and Demand that

they work on behalf of your interests, not theirs!


The following are web sites that will allow you to contact your

Federal, State, or Local Governmental Representatives.


Complete E-Mail Addresses for; Congress, Governors & State Legislators., Write To Congress, the President and State Legislators.

Write an E-Mail Message to Congress, the President and the Media!.

Federal Government Resources on the Web - Legislative Branch.

United States House of Representatives, Congress Homepage.

* * Coming In Next Month's Issue * *

Where do "We The People" stand today ??

My personal commentary on where

I perceive this country currently is, and what I

believe needs to be done to correct the outrageous

political fiasco that presently exists in Washington !!

*  *  *

Until Next Time... Stay Ever Alert !!


Happy Chimp.

The Banana and

It's Amazing Uses !


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Have a Great Day, Enjoy Life, and take time

to stop and Smell The Roses. . .

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