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United States Marine Corps Memorial.

Identity of the six men depicted in the above tableau.

The following images are shown left to right as in the above outline.

Private First Class

Ira Hayes

Private First Class

Franklin Sousley

Private First Class 

Rene Gagnon

Navy Corpsman

 John Bradley


Michael Strank


Harlon Block


Sergeant Mike Strank, Corporal Harlon Block, and PFC Franklin Sousley were all

killed in action later in the battle. Only John Bradley, Ira Hayes and Rene Gagnon

 survived the battle, and they were brought back to the United States to tour the

 country for the seventh war bond drive. The bond drive helped lift morale at home.


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Please Note:

The following motion pictures are in No Way Intended to diminish the valor of the six individuals depicted in the "Iwo Jima" tableau, or the men and women of the United States Marine Corps whose exceptional dedication during WWII was above and beyond the call of duty in all theaters of combat operations.


American Admiral Chester Nimitz reflected on the incredible sacrifice of the Marines who fought at Iwo Jima by saying, “Uncommon valor was a common virtue.”  -  March 16, 1945


History or Hollywood?

Clicking on any of the above images will take you to that particular motion picture's

cast credits and production information. Each of these films presents a different

perspective on the invasion of Iwo Jima and subsequent events.


Still Photo: On location at 29 Palms CA. during filming of Sands of Iwo Jima.

L to R:  Ira Hayes, John Bradley, John Wayne, Rene Gagnon.


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