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June 2010 Supplemental Edition

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"Je pense donc je suis!"

"I Think, Therefore I Am!"

"Believe me, I think about a lot of things!"

Outright Contemptuous

Disrespect for America

and its Principles!

Several weeks ago I received an email from a close friend detailing an incident at Montebello High School in California. To say that I was infuriated is putting it politely. Simply put, I was damned Outraged! I'm sure that many of you received a similar email that covered this affront to every Educational Institution that exists in America, their teachers and administrators and all law-abiding citizens of the United States of America.


The fact that these Hispanic individuals (one has to be politically correct these days) had the Unmitigated Gall to disgrace our American flag just shows what contempt they have for being provided the means of becoming something more than another dishwasher or migrant farm worker.


After I finished digesting what I had read, I found I had more questions than the article answered . . . Why wasn't there an outcry or coverage by national media sources over this flagrant, even traitorous, display? Where were the high school's security personnel?  Did this occur before, during or after school class hours?  Were all of these perpetrators actually students at Montebello High School? Were any of them actually American citizens or just more freeloading illegals that are draining the community's financial resources? Did any kind of disciplinary action take place? What kind of moral values and respect are their parents teaching them?


Incase you're wondering why this incident pissed me off, it is because both my Son and Daughter are Teachers, that have dedicated themselves to providing their students with an intellectually stimulating education based on mutual respect for each other and the system under which they're afforded this opportunity.

Beyond the fact that upon graduating from high school, neither of them had made a conscious decision to pursue careers as teachers. After short stints working in menial jobs, each independently decided to further their education and attend college. Unknowingly both of them followed in the footsteps of their maternal grandmother and paternal great grandfather and great-great grandfather.


My Son graduated from UW Parkside with a Bachelor of Sociology degree. My Daughter attended Utah State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree, Bachelor of Social Anthropology degree, Minor in German Language, and member of the National Honor Society.

To say that I'm very proud of my children's accomplishments doesn't mitigate the fact that there's a serious underlying problem with the system under which they and all teachers are force to educate today's younger generation. The "No Child Left Behind" law forces educators to do the impossible - teach students that cannot read, write or speak English. Besides adding an unnecessary burden to already overtaxed teachers, they're forced to pass these kids regardless of their SAT scores thus ensuring  yet more undereducated entry level fast food workers.


Where the hell does it all end? Who knows, perhaps one day (Hopefully not in the remainder of my lifetime) this nation's National Language will become truly bilingual; Spanish and Arabic.


"Press ?? for English!"

Montebello High School Search.

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~ Guest Editorial ~

What Bothers Me?

Gary Nelson

U. S. Navy (Ret)

In 1965 I, like many other young men and women, took an oath to . . . . .



expiration date. . .Read Mr. Nelson's Entire Editorial(MS Word Document)


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Ron White.

"You Can't Fix Stupid", possibly one of Ron White's Best comedy routines !


"Perhaps that's the ongoing problem we have with the Politicians in Washington."


Recycle Symbol.

"Go Green in 2010"

Help Restore

America's Values !!

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Arizona Super Highway - Just Outside Of Tucson.

  Pictures Of Our Beautiful Sonoran Desert! 

  They've already come through here! 

The above picture is part of a Layup/Rest Area on an 'Illegal

Super - Highway' from Mexico to the USA (Tucson) used by

human smugglers. This Layup/Rest Area is located in a wash

area approximately 1/2 mile long just south of Tucson. The trail

leading out of the layup area heads NORTH to Tucson, then on

to their town tomorrow. They've already come through here!

  Is this America the Beautiful?     Or another landfill? 

  The trash left behind by the illegals is another of the Environmental Disasters to hit the USA. Had this been done in one of our great Northwest Forests or Seashore National Parks areas there would be an uprising of the American people........but this is remote Arizona-Mexican border. You won't see these pictures on CNN, ABC, NBC or the Arizona Repugnant. Nor will they mention the disease that comes from the human

waste left in the desert. They do talk about light bulbs a lot though...



"Calling an illegal alien an undocumented

immigrant is like calling a drug dealer an

unlicensed pharmacist!"


"You Owe Us America!"

Phoenix AZ. Protest May 1, 2010

Just Who The Hell Do These People Think

They Are?  Are They Even American Citizens?


Arizona Governor Confronts Obama on Border Security Issue!


Associated Press Writers June 3, 2010


WASHINGTON Facing off over illegal immigration, Arizona Gov. Jan

Brewer told President Barack Obama that Americans "want our border

secured" and called Thursday for completion of a separating fence.


Obama underscored his objections that the tough immigration law she

signed is discriminatory.


Meeting in the Oval Office, Obama said Arizona's law and similar efforts

by more than 20 states would interfere with the federal government's

responsibility to set and enforce immigration policy.


Neither side appeared to give ground on the contentious issue although

both talked about seeking a bipartisan solution.


Obama urged her to "be his partner" in working toward a comprehensive

overhaul of the nation's badly fractured immigration system. Brewer told

The Associated Press afterward that she told Obama her state is not

ready for the comprehensive solution he favors.


New Arizona Billboard.

  Click this image to Enlarge 

Arizona's Next Immigration Target: Children of Illegals.

By Adam Klawonn Jun 11, 2010
New legislation is being planned to go deny birth certificates and automatic U.S. citizenship to the babies of illegal immigrants.

*  *  *

A Great Idea that More States Should Consider! fyi-ww

*  *  *  *  *

Require Your Legislator to Do Their Job and work to stem the continuous influx of Illegal Aliens across our southern border!


I Strongly Recommend That You Contact Your

Congressional Representative and Demand that

they work on behalf of your interests, not theirs!


The following web sites allow you to contact your

Federal, State, or Local Governmental Representatives.


Complete E-Mail Addresses for;

Congress, Governors & State Legislators.

Congress.org, Write To Congress, the President and State Legislators.

Write an E-Mail Message to Congress, the President and the Media!.

Federal Government Resources on the Web - Legislative Branch.

United States House of Representatives, Congress Homepage.


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