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It occurred to us that each of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs makes reference to famous individuals born under that particular sign. We thought it might be fun to see how many of these individuals you can match to their occupation or profession.  There's no prize, only the satisfaction of knowing that by matching the person's name to their correct occupation means you have an extensive wealth of trivial information and worldly knowledge.


Famous Person:


Profession / Occupation:


1)  Joan of Arc

2)  Albert Schweitzer

3)  Lucille Ball

4)  Betsy Ross

5)  Marco Polo

6)  Diana Ross

7)  Chopin

8)  Catherine the Great

9)  Vincent Van Gogh

10) Anne Frank

11) Leonardo da Vinci

12) Mae West

13) Harry Truman

14) Judy Blume

15) Ernest Hemingway

16) Peter Ustinov

17) Jane Goodall

18) Sigmund Freud

19) Mahalia Jackson

20) Dwight Eisenhower


Hope you didn't expect to find

the correct answers on this page !


BTW, No Fair looking at the answers first,

Remember... this is just an exercise in fun.!



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