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Issue 4 - May  2008.


Perhaps it's time to provide you with some background about who I am, and what I believe in. Contrary to popular disbelief, I am a retired senior citizen living in a rural community in southern Wisconsin. As they say, "Age is Only

a Number and a State of Mind!"


I'm the father of a son and daughter, both of whom are college graduates,

who are now teaching younger inquiring minds subjects such as English, Economics, and Sociology, exemplifying the value of higher education.


I was born, raised, educated and have worked in Wisconsin my entire life.

I am a Vietnam era veteran, having served my country as a member of the

U. S. Air Force from January 1961 until my honorable discharge in February 1965 with Longevity and Good Conduct ribbons.


My parents were middle-class, college educated, average income, 5th Generation Americans. Both had been brought up during the Great Depression, which left a profound influence on the way they viewed

and handled fiscal responsibility. 


During the years that I've had a "Home Page", I've refrained from writing or saying anything that might be considered controversial in nature, politically incorrect, or bordering on the outright inflammatory. Well, the time has come

to speak out!


Come November, regardless of who is nominated at each of their respective national conventions, the Presidential Election will ultimately boil down to

the lesser of two evils! Quite frankly, this year's Presidential Race "Sucks!"

To add to the uncertainty, none of the candidates have announced who their respective running mates will be.


This year, more so than in previous presidential elections, the more I learn about each of the candidates the more disgusted I become with this country's political process as it now stands. Don't misunderstand me, where else in the world is there such a free and open process but I believe that there must be a better, perhaps simpler way of deciding who will lead our nation.


The media (television, cable, radio and print) has managed to bombard us

with an almost constant and endless stream of information for what now seems like forever. From the time that each of the presidential hopefuls announced their candidacy until now, the ongoing coverage has become redundant and tedious. Its like beating a dead horse in the hopes that it

will show some sign of new life.


Many of the campaign promises being made sound promising, but much of

their rhetoric strikes me as being just a lot of Hot Air, and Politics As Usual. Mark my words, there's always a hidden agenda and backroom deals that

tend to accompany any campaign, whether it's for the White House or either House in Congress. Somewhere down the line the pied piper must get paid!


As they say, "Be Careful What You Wish or Vote For!"

I for one, Do Not intend to vote for any Democratic candidates!

Quite frankly, Obama strikes me as someone who has something to hide!


The following are various web sites that will allow you to contact your

Federal, State, or Local Governmental Representatives.


Complete E-Mail Addresses for; Congress, Senate, Governors & State Legislators

Federal Government Resources on the Web - Legislative Branch

Write an E-Mail Message to Congress, the President and the Media!

United States House of Representatives, 110th Congress, 1st Session Homepage

Congress.org -- Write To Congress, the President and State Legislators

*  *  *  *  *

Until Next Time... Be Happy !

Have a Great Day, Enjoy Life, and take time

to stop and Smell The Roses. . .


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