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He that troubleth his own house shall Inherit the Wind, and the Fool shall be servant to the Wise of Heart. . . . Proverbs 11:29


U.S. Mosque Map.( shows the number of mosques in each state.)

U.S. Army Tells Women to Give Transgender Men In Showers 'Dignity and Respect'
“This is a
flat-out humiliation of women.

Redefining Political Geometry.

Maybe erasing those Confederate Symbols a bit more complicated....

Robert Mueller has already destroyed his own legacy...

How leftist fantasies and appeasement put America in nuclear jeopardy.

Obama's Legacy: North Korea's Nuclear Weapons.

GOP for Obamacare? Follow the Money.

Not just Google: Amazon turns to censorship, too.

Muslim Brotherhood-linked Rep. Keith Ellison: North Korean leader more responsible than Trump.

Repeal 17th Amendment to Revive the 10th.

How the US Trained Kim Jong-un into His Current Boldness.

Erasing Robert E. Lee from history. Misusing Robert E. Lee.

Another Reason For McMaster To Go.

Gun owners warned to stay away from California.

First They Will Take Your Dogs, Then They Will Take Your Guns.

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